Traveling the State of TN visiting schools for the better part of my post-college career has provided me with some unique perspectives. Most people do not share, less write, about the experiences they encounter in their journey thru life. I have decided to start doing this on a random basis. I say random, because I do not want to commit to a daily, or even a weekly blog. I am ‘doing life’ right now, to the fullest extent. Trying to build a cutting edge business based on traditional products, in an ever changing world of technology. Married to a wonderful woman, raising 3 fantastic boys, and 2 sweet dogs. So I am sure I will write more down the road, but for now, when time permits, and I feel like I have relevant material that will add value to my readers, I will share the world from my point of view. What I’ve learned thru family life, college experiences, and real world triumphs and defeats.

My business is pretty interesting, because it is a 2 level sales business. A primary business to business sale.. which involves winning the rights to market to a specific target audience or group of students. And then the consumer sale, where I market my products to students, even though most depend on their parents to purchase the items I am selling. Pretty interesting stuff. So I hope you enjoy.

My first piece of advice:  While you should be serious when doing business.. don’t take everything you do in business too seriously. Life is too short, and perspective is key. Someone will always have it worse than you do, and someone will always have it better. Relish the great times, the moments you win, celebrate a big life moment, or achieve a milestone. These feelings are the ones you live for.. I call them ‘euphoric moments’.. there is nothing like them. Build on them, and try to create them for other people. Share them, be an Energy Giver, not an Energy Vampire. You will become contagious.

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